W19: Patch Deja Vu and iMOTM Madness

This week we take a look at EA’s desperate attempts to fix the glitches, Ben chats crazy iMOTM prices and investment ideas with @FUT_Economist, and discovers a serious defensive mistake he’s been making. As always we talk through the TOTW, plus player reviews, inc. the best GK in the game?

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One thought on “W19: Patch Deja Vu and iMOTM Madness

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  1. Hi,
    what do you think about iMOTM Salah? I bought 1 vor 490k and now I’m not sure if his prize will rise again? Should I sell him, or waint untill the WL? And do you have any Idea about an Africa Cup TOtT? Will it include the same Sow, Salah (and so on) cards as iMOTM, or even higher?

    I know the questions are relatively specific…
    Best regards from Bremen


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